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Dstr ("Dave's string class") is a C++ class that I use instead of std::string.  It has gotten cloned into so many projects now that I've made a shared library just to reduce the number of copies.


As of 2014-01-25, the last official release of Fvwm95 was version 2.0.43f, released on 2003-05-04.  It has some latent bugs and code rot.  Below are links to the original 2.0.43f distribution and my patched version.  The changes are (1) make it build with GCC 4.4.4 on x86_64 Linux, (2) fix FvwmButtons infinite looping and failing to exit after Ctrl-Alt-BS, (3) update the battery status widget to work with newer Linux kernels and not crash the taskbar, and (4) increase default optimization level to O2.

Original distribution:  fvwm95-2.0.43f.tar.gz
Patched distribution:  fvwm95-2.0.43f-dwf4.txz

The 4G/4G split patch

A dead-ended branch of Linux kernel development that offered improved memory utilization on 32-bit PCs.


Version 5.1 (the last) of TEd, extracted from the NIST SQL Test Suite and patched as needed to compile cleanly on modern Linux.  TEd supports scripted editing of text files sort of like a fusion of the standard Unix tools sed and patch.  For operations spanning multiple lines I find it more usable than sed.  Documentation is included.


This nontrivial hack has a few extras that go with it.


These packages work with document class article.

LaTeX Preprocessor version 0.1 by Tobias Preclik (GPLv3).  Downloaded 2012-02-17 from http://tpreclik.dyndns.org/codeblog/?page_id=29, added header comments.


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